Omaha VA Medical Center

Representative: Paula Pillen

Phone: 402-630-6583 (cell) 402-763-6209


Deputy: Tricia Schnack



Veterans Stand Down


We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2023 Stand Down for Homeless Vets on Friday, Nov 17th from 10 am until 2 pm. We do ask that all Community Providers stay for the entire event. Please find attached a campus map to help guide you to the event location and parking.


Please plan to arrive at the Milo Bail Student Center (#18 on the map) on Friday at UNO by 9:00 a.m. to sign-in and locate your table. Spaces are pre-assigned. Staff can assist you in locating your pre-assigned location. Please bring extension cords if you feel that you will need electricity. Outlets are not available in all areas.


We hope to be able to provide lunch for all in attendance, but we could run short depending on overall attendance. Other options for lunch include bringing your own, or purchasing lunch from the food court at the Milo Bale Student Center. There is also a convenience store downstairs on the first level of the Student Center.


Free parking is provided in the East Parking Lot. Posted signs will direct you to the building if you are walking, and volunteers will be around to help direct you. There will also be government vehicles that will transport you should you choose not to walk from the parking garage. You may use all three levels of the East Parking Lot (#11 on the map). *There will be limited parking available for those who might have mobility needs in lots D and E, but please be mindful that these spaces are primarily reserved for our Veterans.

UNO Campus Map

Forms/Needs Lists:

Papillion CLC Needs List

Fisher House Needs List

Omaha VAMC Needs List

2023 District 8 Fall Round Up Donation List

Omaha VAMC Donation Master

Omaha Fisher House Needs List

Omaha VA Medical Center Needs List

Omaha VA Fall Baby Shower Wish List

Papillion CLC

Veterans Day Resources from the VA

Greetings, Nebraska Area A – American Legion Family Members: Please share this UPDATE as appropriate! Wish lists are attached.

An Omaha VA Medical Center/American Legion Family reception for the 2023 winners will be on Tuesday, September 19 at 2:00 – 2:30pm in the Ambulatory Care Center at 1401 Woolworth Ave., Omaha NE.
👯👯👯 Also, would anyone like to join Nebr. VA rep Paula Pillen and the Iowa VA Rep Ann Crawford on a committee to develop the 2024 Veteran Creative Arts Program at the Nebraska-Western Iowa Health System? This is an official ALA/VA CDCE program. We’re in the planning stages for a much wider audience of creative artists.
REPORTS: If you have other VA Omaha Medical Center volunteering or donations to report for August and September than what is shown below, please let me know! REMINDER: ALWAYS INCLUDE…Name of Unit-town, Name of contact, address/email for thank you’s, what was donated, value. See attached.


2023-08-04 ALA Unit 58-Valley 2 VA FOOD BANKS

purchased Wm. Clinic food (Delivered 17th)

$57.23 Food Donated

2023-08-12 ALA Unit 362-Elkhorn 2 Florence, NE Flea Market /

Booth: P.R for VA Volunteer Recruit

3 Vets Engaged

2023-08-17a ALA Unit 362-Elkhorn 2 NEW VISIONS: Buddy Bag Supplies Rugs

(5X$3), twin bed comforter ($15), Towels (6),

Shower Curtains (2 x $3), Sheets ($5),

Supplies-Bought out of ALF District 8 Fund Raiser

2023-08-17b VA-HCHP: Buddy Bag Supplies/ Homeless

Shoes, Supplies etc.-Buy & Deliver

5 Vets Est. $51.55 GIK total

2023-08-17c ALA District 8 Fund Raiser funds:

NEW VISIONS: Buddy Bag Supplies Rugs (5X$3), twin bed comforter ($15),

Towels (6), Shower Curtains (2 x $3), Sheets ($5), Supplies/-Buy & Deliver.

$47 GIK total

2023-08-17d ALA Unit 362-Elkhorn 1 HUD-VASH Buddy Bag Supplies/ Vic. Apts-

Buy & Deliver $18.22 GIK total

2023-08-17e ALA Unit 362-Elkhorn 1 VA PCLC: Activity Supplies Buy & Deliver

$65 GIK total

2023-08-18 ALA Rep for Area 1 VA Mailing @ Dept. State Mailing

2023-08-24 ALA Unit 58-Valley 2 VA Veterans FOOD BANKS

purchased Wm. Clinic & Vets food -$210 Food Donated

Thank You for all you do for these Veterans we see in the Facilities’ Halls !