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Note from Department Office regarding 2021-22 VA&R Donations:

Members, if you have looked at your VA&R Donation sheets, you have noticed that the only facilities that are listed are Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home and the Omaha VAMC. This is not saying that you cannot donate to your favorite home; you still may. The reason is that the rest of the facilities have over $5,000 available to them and the Auxiliary Representatives need to spend it on fun and wonderful things for our Veterans that reside at those facilities.

The items that have replaced the facilities are:

Grand Island Creative Arts Festival. This is so that awards can be purchased, items may be sent to the Regional and if by some amazing chance, sent on to the National Creative Arts Festival.

Stand Down. This event allows homeless veterans to come to one place and receive dental work, check-ups, and even new socks or gloves. I know that Omaha and Lincoln both have one and last thing I heard was that Grand Island was trying to get one up and running? If there is one on the Western end of the state let me know.

Fisher House. A place where a veteran or their family may stay while having treatments.

Victory Apartments (Lincoln and Omaha). These apartments offer transitional housing for a veteran. They are rented based on income and the veteran has to abide by many rules. These are veterans that are out of rehab and need a boost.

I’ve heard it at many VA&R meetings a veteran is a veteran, and they all need our help. Members are so generous towards our facilities and the facilities are not hurting for funds. This decision was not made lightly, it went though the VA&R, and Finance Committee.

Let’s not allow any of our Veterans fall through the cracks. Thanks!


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